Joe Gitterman :: Artist Statement

Torso, Bronze

For me, movement is the breathe of life; it releases the power, or subtlety of any form in repose – the promise of action. My sculptures examine this relationship between fixed form and movement; each attempts to suggest the transformation that is possible.

I am greatly influenced by the human body, specifically the shapes, gestures and momentary poses created by dancers. Through observation and sketches I conceive a visual image of a motion and attempt to infuse that motion into a static material.

The properties inherent in the material I have chosen whether it be marble, wood, clay, copper, wax, bronze, and most recently, aluminum and mirrored stainless steel guide me in the development of a piece. Each offers me its own singular challenge: how do I unravel the mystery of revealing its kinetic possibilities? And the material is only one element to consider. Size, surface texture and patina must meld together to create balance; making the piece visually and spatially engaging.

My work to date has been studio-sized sculptures. They are easily accessible for gallery exhibition and collectors. But increasingly, I am drawn to the excitement of creating large-scaled “monumental” works of art – outdoor pieces that can command a landscape, enhance a garden, or awaken a meadow. While I will never abandon interior sculptures, I do plan to expand my work to include these larger pieces, and have already begun to work on several.

Winter, 2011

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